Senior Retail Manager, Kitchen (hardlines)

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Senior Retail Manager, Kitchen (hardlines)
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Amazon Brazil is looking for a dynamic Senior Retail Manager to play an important role within the Retail team by adding selection, analyzing business data, driving vendor performance, negotiating terms and handling promotions.

You will work with Brazilian and global vendors to drive all aspects of terms improvements, which includes analysis and projections, as well as direct negotiations with decision makers in local vendors.

Additionally, you will increase product category sales, by auditing vendors performances, driving store marketing promotions, negotiating partners to improve selection, and reacting to industry-related economic trends.

You will need excellent verbal and written communication, the ability to analyze and communicate complex terms and margin structure and work well across other teams including Finance and Inventory Management.

Candidates who are organized, flexible, creative, analytical, and able to drive negotiations through completion will be highly appreciated.

Strong ownership values, a real passion for innovation, and hustle are also key to succeed in this position.

If you are passionate about e-commerce and career growth, this opportunity with is for you!Key job responsibilities Retail Managers focus on and act at the intersection of customers, vendors, and functional teams:- CUSTOMERS: They rely on specialized teams for customer and category information and insights, and works with and influences other teams to get the category-specific customer needs addressed.

The Retail Manager is responsible to hold category-specific knowledge about customers and their needs, emerging product trends and the market segment evolution, and new business opportunities.- VENDORS: RM are the ultimate owners of the vendor relationship, with a direct focus on the top vendors that drive the vast majority of sales.

They are directly responsible for auditing and escalating performance, improving overall terms and cost structures of the relationship by means of negotiation, and for developing long term partnerships with new and existing vendors to drive topline and selection fueling category growth.- CENTRAL AND FUNCTIONAL TEAMS: As a business owner, the RM represents customer and business needs in interaction with central teams, projects and initiatives.

The Retail Manager drives central teams for the evolution of customer-facing and internal systems to improve the customer experience from the category perspective.

At the same time, they implements centrally driven initiatives within the category to drive CX or cost improvements, even more important prioritize based on impact and potential tradeoffs, and if need be pushing back on selected initiatives.

A day in the life Retail Managers are owners of the Retail business.

Either for subcategories or subgroup of vendors they own the respective business end-to-end including the entire P&L, from topline down to free cash flow.

They manage inputs by driving selection, securing great prices and increasing convenience/speed to accelerate Amazon’s flywheel.

While they focus their activities on our most strategically relevant vendors and holdouts, they audit and escalate the performance of lower tiered vendors.

We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations: Sao Paulo, SP, BRABASIC QUALIFICATIONS- Account management, project or program management or buying experience;- Experience with vendor negotiations, pricing and promotion or inventory management;- Master's degree;- Knowledge of Microsoft Excel or SQL;- Experience using data to influence business decisions;- Experience driving internal cross-team collaboration;- Experience with business analysis and P&L management.

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS- Experience driving direction and alignment with cross-functional teams.- Knowledge of SQL

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Ocupação: Senior retail manager, kitchen (hardlines)

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