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Senior Developer/sre/devops Architect, São Paulo

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Senior Developer/sre/devops Architect, São Paulo
Brazil, São Paulo, São Paulo,
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Company Description 3thix strives to transform the economics of the gaming industry by providing in-game token/currency liquidity between games of a publisher, decreasing attrition and lowering customer acquisition costs for our game publishers (e.g.

Roblox, Epic/Fortnite, Steam, etc.) and the 2 billion monthly active users.

It also captures in-game transactional data (purchases, level ups, achievements, transfers, etc.) to build a blockchain-backed ledger for publishers and content creators to finely target audiences.

The fintech platform includes payments (credit/debit card, ACH, banking, FBO deposit accounts) as well as blockchains, including the integration with L1/L2 blockchains, creating liquidity pools, loyalty/airdrops, and the launch of the utility tokens.

Our payments platform will handle both custodial and non-custodial wallets, automated DEX, liquidity pools, trade pairs and least cost routing.

It also handles the minting and burning of tokens and NFTs.

On the martech side, the platform collects all of the transactional information from game play as well as using AI/ML to scrub the data to create an ad network with finely-grained targeting.

Players will earn tokens for watching and interacting with ads which can be redeemed for game tokens.

Role Description This is a remote contract role for a Senior Dev Ops/Site Reliability Engineer specializing in event-driven microservices using AWS, Terraform, and EKS.

The role will involve day-to-day tasks such as troubleshooting, software development, system administration, and infrastructure management.

You will architect the new production infrastructure of our large application.

This person must understand golang compilation strategies, network plumbing including load balancers and how to deal with microservices, sockets, and highly secure architectures, github actions, EKS/ECR like the back of your hand, Postgres/Aurora, Redis, Open Search, data lakes, SQS/MQ.

Ideally, you are a coder first who decided you liked devops/SRE better.

And more importantly, you MUST have designed and implemented architectures like this AT SCALE.

If you are ready to be quizzed on your network knowledge by one of the original contributors to the nextgen IPV6 protocol, AWS by one of the senior architects of AWS VPC, and infrastructure optimization by an original Netflix/AWS Kubernetes engineer who helped design k8s for AWS, please drop me a line with your qualifications and resume.

Please send examples of the large CI/CD infrastructure projects you have designed.

Only thoughtful and convincing responses will receive replies.

Please don't just send resumes or profiles without telling me how your experience demonstrates expertise in AWS event-driven microservices architectures and what previous projects you have built yourself (please note the "built yourself" as the lead architect or solo).

Qualifications 5 years as the lead or sole devops architect for large distributed microservices infrastructure (send projects you worked on in your cover letter) 5 years designing CI/CD pipelines Site Reliability Engineering and Troubleshooting skills Software Development skills System Administration skills Infrastructure management skills Extensive experience with AWS, Terraform, EKS, ECR, RDS, S3, secrets, k8s, message queues, No SQL (Redis), Open Search, extensive load balancer routing rules Knowledge of event-driven microservices architecture Strong problem-solving and analytical skills Excellent communication and collaboration abilities Ability to work independently and remotely Relevant certifications (e.g., AWS Certified Dev Ops Engineer, Certified Kubernetes Administrator) are a plus

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Ocupação: Senior developer/sre/devops architect

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